Monday, April 26, 2010

Week in the Life: Sunday April 25

Finally day of this project! I'm quite happy its done. I've been printing out the photos i'll be using on and off this weeks so I can complete ASAP before I head back to work on Wednesday.

- I woke up at 7am to wake Tommy up for his big golf game
- couldn't fall back asleep so I get up at 730am
- I checked out the kids' bedroom and i'm LOVING it still
- come on the computer to log onto Facebook and check out my usual blogs
- received a message from my Aunt Raquel (Vancouver) who sent me a care package for us including something for my girl! Awww
- can't believe how different the light is outside this time of morning...also enjoying the peace & quiet

- 830am: print some pictures out for my WITL Project
- 9am: hear Ethan talking (in his sleep of course) so I go and cuddle with him and watch some Friends' episode (the one where they make their 1999 New Year's resolutions)
- I fall asleep
- I get woken up by Ethan at 11am -->give him Lucky Charms & chocolate milk for breakfast (which he only picks out the marshmellows)

- 1pm: Ethan walks into his new room saying "it's beautiful, mommy" & plays with his toys while I bring back some things into the room
- the house is still a mess
- start ovening some fries & boiling/cooking some smokies for lunch
- we eat some lunch then I do some of the dishes

- Ethan says "I poo-poo" so I take him to the bathroom to potty train
- my mother-in-law comes and we are very excited he did do a little #2 in the toilet...she takes him over next door
- I continue to clean up some of the mess in my bedroom
- 3pm: I lie down to watch some hips/lower back are so sore...and I fall asleep
- 430pm: I get woken up to voices and Tommy is back from his golf game with Ethan
- 5pm: we head to Home Depot to pick up paint for the trims/doors and more paint supplies, covers for the vents...Ethan has a hissy fit because he wants Mickey Mouse paint sample cards

- 545pm: head over to Tim Horton's for 10 Timbits and 2 large double-doubles...mmmm...been a few days since I've had coffee!
- head home and start clearing out the living room to finish painting the wall Behr's Porpoise
- I start taping the trims/ceiling...Tommy paints
- we complete the living room...the color is growing on me...Tommy is still iffy
- we start & complete painting the front entry way...really love that color!! Behr's Mountain Ridge
- i'm pretty sore on both hips & lower back still...ugh...sometimes its hard being pregnant
-9pm: my mother in law comes by to feed Ethan
- Ethan takes a shower & dances to Toopy & Binoos' episode of "Rockin' Toopy"

- I eat a smokie hotdog and some veggies
- Ethan continuously askes us what we're doing
- Ethan is wearing one boot...being such a goof!
- 1120pm: I finally complete painting the 2nd coat on the front entry!

- I finally take a much needed shower at 12am...nice
- time for bed at 315am!

That completes my Week in the Life Project!


Week in the Life: Saturday April 24

The weekend is/was here...

- got woken up by a cranky Ethan at 935am -->he was asking "I want candy" and I said "no" therefore the tears started to fall
- Ethan played with his Thomas table
- 10am - my mother in law comes and bring me some wonton soup with noodles...mmmm
- tried to feed Ethan soup but of course, it was hard and he was pouty; had to pretend Bunny Bear wanted to eat some so Ethan eventually did

- I tried potty training Ethan luck
- watched some TV with Ethan and he's very cuddly with me

- 12pm: we watched some TV in the bedroom...I fell asleep again
- Tommy comes home after getting up early to go to a Bike Auction to buy us bikes - unfortunately, no luck...then he falls asleep
- 130pm: my mother in law knocks and comes to take Ethan to a friend's BBQ
- Tommy and I sleep till 330pm!! (lately i'm so sleepy because my sleep is all screwed up)
- 5pm: I go to Home Depot to buy paint for the living room/entry ways/kids' room & get paint supplies

- 530pm: I head over to Superstore to pick up a few items...e.g.: eggs, milk, strawberries, pull-ups, etc
- come home by 615pm
- we start taking things out of the house is a complete mess
- I start taping the trims/ceiling...yup...prego me on the ladder =)
- we start painting the kids' room Behr's Embellished Blue....LOVE IT!!!

- 9pm: I realized i'm lightheaded & hungry so I run out to VJ's Drive Inn to pick up a VJ's double special (for Tommy), double cheeseburger and 2 fries...DELICIOUS! Couldn't help but eat some fresh fries on the way home! YUMMY!

- Tommy completed painting the kids' room by the time I got home
- I sit and watch some of the UFC fight Tommy is watching on/off
- Ethan comes back from next door and I try to put him to sleep by 1030pm, but instead, I fall asleep first


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week in the Life: Friday April 23

So another day came and was a bit simpler and quieter.

- woke up at 1030am by a phone call from Dabs
- checked up on Facebook/Ali's blog
- Ethan played with his Thomas train table as I got ready
- skipped breakfast
- 1230pm: went to meet Dabs & Liam at their home before heading over to Moxies on Kenaston
- I had a clubhouse sandwich w/fries and Ethan had kids' chicken fingers & fries
- Ethan & Liam enjoyed coloring and screaming
- Ethan not on best behaviour at all
- 215pm: Ethan & I went to check out Indigo bookstore for the first time
- LOVED this bookstore...its smaller than Chapters but still quite nice & fun for kids
- Ethan played with the train set, kitchen, checked out books, drew on the chalkboard
- checked out the rest of the store and looked at magazines...where Ethan left me and ran to the kids section again!
- Ethan arguing with another little boy who also wouldn't give up a train
- left the store with a mad child
- 330pm: head over to my mom's to drop off some clothes for her
- sat on the deck and enjoyed the sunshine
- headed home by 445pm
- Tommy is out golfing
- went for a walk to Ashcroft corner store to buy a Lotto Max ticket...Ethan picked out some Skittles
- dropped Ethan off next door to visit
- I enjoyed some quite time...cinnamon bun and chai tea
- washed the dishes, did 2 loads of laundry, folded 2 baskets
- re-organized my personal items
- moved over all of Tommy's clothes to our new room & vice versa
- Ethan came home all washed up
- 10pm: went for ride to Wendy's to grab some food...Ethan passes out
- see my sister & her boyfriend behind me in drive-thru
- come home and put Ethan to bed
- Sheena & Rolly hangs out for a bit
- Tommy comes home at 1130pm
- everyone is sleeping at 1230am...i'm checking out Facebook & updating my blog
- i'm heading to bed now...250am

i'm caught up!


Week in the Life: Thursday Apr 22

Delayed 2 days on my Week in the Life Project. Fell asleep at 10pm on Thursday night so I couldn't do my daily update. Anyway, it was a great Thursday!

- woke up at 10am
- Ethan woke up cranky - ate apples & fortune cookies
- painted my toes "Le Beau" by Opi Sephora - my house is still a mess! Dishes still not done!
- I vaccuumed and swept a bit of the living room/office

- tidied up the office and got rid of a bunch of lotto tickets lying around
- 1145am: drove thru drive-thru McD's for a quick lunch (I got a McChicken Meal & Ethan got a Nuggets meal)
- 12pm: went to Sun-Ray to wash my truck while Ethan ate his Happy Meal in the backseat
- sat on the front steps to eat our little lunch
- hear Baby barking and found him running across our neighbour's lawn with high school kids running after him...he ran away!
- Ethan said his Happy Birthday to "Go-Go" aka Janice
- my Studio Calico Add-On kit came today!!
- 2pm: got ready and dropped Ethan off at my mom's

- It's plus 21C and sunny & clear -->A/C is on in the truck!
- 230pm: met up with Brittany at Breads and Circuses on Lilac Ave on Corydon to have lunch (again) -- I had a Turkey sandwich and Britt had a delicious salad
- enjoyed the sunshine so we walked down Corydon to Starbucks for cold coffee (I got my java chip frap & Britt got a iced coffee)
- walked back towards Lilac and sat on a bench to chat a bit

- went to pick up Ethan, my mom & Aunt downtown
- dropped everyone off home
- Brought Ethan over to next door to my in-laws to celebrate Jan's 27th birthday - BBQ time!
- ran quickly to Scrapbooking by Design to pick up some cardstock - they were closed at 6pm (got there a few minutes after) and quickly grabbed whatever
- Went to Sobey's to pick up a yummy marble cake
- my mother-in-law also got DQ ice cream cake! (Good thing I didn't buy the same!)
- ate lots of yummy food
- sat around and talked
- 830pm: came back home to tidy up a bit (again)
- 10pm: lying in bed with Ethan watching PVR Thomas & Friends
- Ethan feels the baby kicking
- 1030pm: we both pass out

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week In The Life: Wednesday April 21

Today was one of those favorite days of mine. I skipped the whole chores/housekeeping thing and just spent the day with Ethan. LOVE IT!
A run down of our day:
- both woke up at about 11am -->finally got to sleep in!
- Ethan wanted an apple for breakfast
- gave him his puffers
- I checked out my usual websites/blogs - Facebook, Ali's/Elise/Lizzy's blogs
- checked my voicemail - got one from work & my great-aunt
- called into work and said "no" to working this evening
- called my great-aunt and try to re-assure her & send my love
- checked out my Rogers' account -->i'm eligible for an iphone upgrade! Yay!
- I got ready
- ate some Raisin bran cereal with bananas; Ethan ate Lucky Charms & leftover nuggets
- daily routine: Ethan and me brushing our teeth together
- 145pm: headed out first to Staples -- bought ink for the printer, mech pencils, pens, notebook for work stuff
- 2pm: next stop to Michael's where I tried to decide what pattern paper and basic cardstock I wanted -->ended up with none of those but stamps and Thomas' stickers
- 230pm: went off the Home Depot to get my paint sample for Ethan & Baby girl's room -- Embellished blue by Behr; Ethan picked out some Mickey Mouse paint samples
- 2pm: last stop to Chapters where we spent 2 hours; Ethan played by himself (luckily) for 1.5hrs on the Thomas train table and I researched and wrote down my favorite girls' name
- headed upstairs to Starbucks to grab a grande java chip frap & Ethan a Naked Berry Blast fruit smoothie; ran into a med clerk I had worked with last year
- we headed back downstairs to the baby section (of Chapters) and I asked Ethan to pick out a "bunny bear"/stuff animal for his baby sister -->he picked out this soft cuddle white bunny
- fave moment: he hugged my stomach and said "you're my best friend, baby"
- we got home at 5pm and sat out on the front steps...Ethan didn't want to go inside
- Ethan took pictures of me and his Bunny Bear/trains
- went inside to cook some supper
- Jan came by before her run to visit; tried to pick out girl names
- Ethan falls asleep on my lap so I lie him down in bed for a nap
- Tommy comes home
- I watched some Law & Order SVU and America's Next Top Model while eating some Heavenly Hash ice cream....mmmm
- I head out to Wal-Mart to pick up some Krazy Glue and shampoo
- sat and watch a little more TV with Tommy (while he read)

- Woke up Ethan
- 9pm: Krazy glued back together the figurines/statue I had broken the other day
- 940pm:uploaded some pictures from my BB and downloaded new songs on my BB...changed my Ring tone
- painted sample patches on the walls...hmmm...looks good! Wonder what it'll look like in daylight
- checked out facebook/blogs/newspaper
- finished Ethan's February/birthday layout...FINALLY!
- 1030pm: Tommy ovens a pizza (pepperoni & mushroom)
- Ethan hides under his thomas blanket
- Tommy makes Ethan a little seat
- we all sit in the living room - Tommy continues to read his book, I watch cartoons and try to feed Ethan pizza
- 12am: chatted with Brittany on Facebook on where we'll go tomorrow...excited!
- 1230am: Tommy finishes his book and takes Ethan to bed...
- i'm working on my Monday's pictures for Week in the Life
- bedtime: probably 2am for me...i'm such a night owl...well we all are!

Till tomorrow!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week in the Life: Tuesday April 20

Didn't take much photos today or document anything...busy busy busy.

- woke up at 0900hr
- Ethan & Tommy still sleeping so I woke up Tommy for work
- 0915 - lied on the couch with Ethan to watch some Thomas & Friends cartoons on PVR
- gave Ethan his puffers
- dosed off on the couch till 1015
- 1018 - checked Ali Edwards' blog, Facebook
- 1040 - seasoned some pork chops to eat for brunch
- made a cup of Chai tea --mmm...been awhile since I had some!
- listened to my voicemail...woohoo, CRN meeting cancelled! Don't have to go in till 230pm
- ate brunch with Ethan
- cuddled with Ethan a bit
- 1135 - washed the dishes
- checked the weather -->Sunny & clear! Currently +13C
- prepared both our outfits for the day *and ironed of course!
- 1245 - while getting ready, peeked on Ethan sitting on the couch and he's fallen asleep watching Treehouse
- 1pm - talked to Natasha for a bit of a catch up
- 2pm - got everything prepared for work & Ethan's backpack (change of clothes)
- found my truck in the backyard -- unloaded the crib & locked it up in the garage
- drove Ethan to meet my mom at my Lola's apartment
- got to work right at 230pm
- received report and we went up to 7AS to see their bedside reporting *yawn
- better shift - only 2 discharges AND admissions!
- first dinner break - with Kristen, Heather & Tessie -->had my Michaelina Fettucine Alfredo, chicken fingers, strawberry yogurt and a Tim's large double double
- first person to feel my baby girl kick was my co-worker Young! =) Yay!
- went for a quick coffee break at 1030pm with Kristen -- bought a glazed cinnamon roll but ate a cup of vanilla ice cream instead
- chatted with my good co-workers/friends
- left work at 1230am
- hungry - drive-thru McD's...10piece nuggets, fries & diet coke
- watched my PVR taped episode of LOST...only 4 more episodes left!
- upset that I didn't PVR today's episode of 90210
- watched the re-run of Ellen's show today
- going to bed really late...maybe 3am!! Oops!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week in the Life 2010: Monday April 19

Started off quite excited to join in with Ali Edwards' Week in the Life 2010!

So that i'll keep up with this i've uploaded my photos & am going to post a quick "what I/we did today" thing so I don't forget!

- I woke up at 11am, Ethan woke up at 1130am
- I checked out the new wall color in the living room & i'm not really liking it "too cool" for my taste
- folded some laundry & listening to some old school R&B songs (i.e. Aaliayah, Allure, Air Supply, Atlantic Starr, etc)
- cuddled up with Ethan when he woke up -->feeling a bit warm & stuffed up with a runny nose
- Tommy joined us & started to sing Thomas songs to Ethan using "bunny bear" & Ethan giggling like crazy
- Annoyed & amused with the way I say something to Ethan & he says "what" in a tone I'm not impressed with; I always reply "don't say 'what', say 'excuse me'" and Tommy is always laughing at us
- picked out my scrubs for the day & Ethan's outfit to wear -->ironed them
- Ethan played a bit with his Thomas trains on his table while singing Thomas' songs
- Burned a Thomas & Friends CD for Ethan to sing along to in the truck (yikes!)
- went to pick up the crib from my mom's place & broke special Holy figurines & anniversary Precious moments figurine we had given them on their anni (my parents)
- went to the Forks before work for lunch
- bought Jelly Belly beans at The Almond Tree
- had 2 smokies & fries from Skinners
- sat by the river outside, ate, and enjoyed the warm weather
- weather was sunny, clear & +18C
- took pictures of Ethan by "Flora" by the Johnston terminal
- went inside to check out train tracks at the Kite & Kaboodle toy store
- got dropped off work at 3pm by Tommy & Ethan
- changed into my scrubs, checked my work email & got report from Helga for my evening shift
- had supper with Heather, Tessie & Liane (on 2nd break at 1845)
- ate a cheeseburger and a King size Klondike Triple chocolate brownie drumstick...mmm
- back to work to deal and check over orders on 33 patients -->admited 3 this evening!
- got out of work by 0015...dropped off at home by Kristen =)
- thought Tommy had left to pick me up but realize my truck was parked in the back
- walked into the house with the smell of vomit...Ethan is really sick and vomitted three times! Tommy gave him a shower
- did laundry at 1am
- gave Ethan puffers to settle his RR=60 and his heartrate is up to 140s/150s
- cuddled with him the couch while we (with Tommy) walked the PVR of Dancing with the Stars
- going to bed at 230am!!

Need to be up early! Hopefully we can sleep tonight as we're concerned with Ethan. =(


Sunday, April 18, 2010

I am having a...


We are sooo excited!! I was sooo giddy and happy and ready to cry when it was finally confirmed what I knew all along was going to be a girl! I mean, it was just a deep feeling inside me that it would be a girl. =) I just can't wait. Ethan can't wait...I think. LOL. And well, now Tommy and I just has to agree on a name now. It's become our biggest problem...we both have different ideas. =)


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mom's gift

Well, I put every other thing I wanted to do aside to create a birthday gift to my mom. =) Took me *gasp* only 30 minutes to do!!! I bought a 12x12 canvas, 3-D stickers, a title and everything was on sale at Michaels! Woohoo. I went through some old pictures from my mom's home and *VOILA* a birthday present!

Just need to add a ribbon on top so she can hang it on the wall.
I'm spending my day just creating. Back to work for 9 shifts in a row tomorrow. =(


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Creative thought

Since i've cleaned and organized my scrapbooking area last week I've been in a creative mood. Plus, the nice sunny weather has been boosting my mood to create!

I've decided that it's time to do more traditional scrapbooking layouts...and to make it easier, i'm making ONE layout a month for this year. Pretty much one layout of Ethan each month and whatever else may come up over the year. But just one each. Makes it easier on me, less pressure and more time to use all my supplies that's been sitting around forever!!

Here's my first layout for the month of January 2010:

I've got February and March to catch up on then YAY! LOL. I've also got my Photo A Day Project to catch up on!!! I'm sooo behind on printing my pictures and putting them in my album. I have kept up with the picture taking but not the actual hard copy part. Oops. I've also got an idea and I found an album for Week in the Life project that Ali Edwards is doing end of April! Yay! I plan on getting started on that today!

And before I go, here's a snapshot of my belly at FIVE months of pregnancy! I sooo wish I had taken a pic of my belly for my 3rd & 4th month.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's a New Month...

I can't believe it's April already! Easter weekend came and went. Ethan had his first Easter egg hunt with me before heading out to our friends to go hunting with other kids. He enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. But I think next year less chocolate, more of little toys he'd enjoy and maybe try some egg dyeing. I haven't done that in years!!! Not since I was a kid. =)

In other news, I finally had my baby ultrasound yesterday. Yay! And it's safe to say i'm only have ONE baby and the baby looks pretty healthy on the ultrasound. Unfortunately, she couldn't tell me what it was. But as of yesterday, I was 19wks 5 days and the baby weights 11oz which the tech told me was good weight. AND i'm also due on August 26th...Tommy's birthday! LOL. He really is hoping for the baby to be born on his birthday. I'm actually relieved after seeing the actual u/s. I was lying there in silence while the tech did her thing and all these crazy thoughts were running through my head!!! Whew. Ethan & my mom were able to come in afterwards and see the ultrasound. My mom has never seen an ultrasound (apparently they didn't do that back in the early 80s) so she was quite excited! And Ethan was sooo much more focused on the gel on my stomach. LOL. Apparently, while I was inside the room, Ethan was looking for me and asking everyone around where his "mommy" was. He went up to the office window (which he is too short to look into) and said "Lady, have you seen my mommy Jennifer?". Hahahaha. Hilarious. People were laughing at him because he was sooo cute! LOL.

Afterwards, we went to McDonald's for lunch. Ethan quite enjoyed that. =)

We can't wait to go to Baby Moon next week and find out the sex of the baby!!!