Sunday, March 14, 2010

I had a dream...

...that I was having TRIPLETS!

That really freaked me out when I woke up. I remember say, well "at least I have a girl and 3 boys"! Yikes! I remember their names too...Isabella, Alexander and Henry! First off, Henry was never on the list of baby names. I think that snuck into my dream because of Ethan's Thomas & Friends toys. Secondly, our closest friend's son is named Alexander, so I don't think we'd be using that. And third, I think I dreamt of triplets because a co-worker of mine just said at dinner last night her friend had triplets. Whew. Really. I don't think I can handle twins let alone TRIPLETS!


Ok...heading off to see my dream home again!! *Sigh* One day soon...

I'm going to show my mom and sister today. I saw this house for the first time 2 years ago or so and saw it again last fall THEN again last weekend. I really truly LOVE this. The interior is amazing!!! I even had a dream of living in it once this past week. Seriously. I hope my dreams come true...except for the triplets part. =)


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