Thursday, January 14, 2010


I was up an hour ago at 8am due to some bad heartburn. Ugh. Finally have a day off and I get woken up because of this. One of the things I hate about pregnancy is the first trimester. Nausea, sleepy and tired all the time and heartburn. Thank God rare days of vomitting for me...*cross my fingers*. I'm 7 weeks along...woohoo! Only 5 weeks before this is all over!! I hope!

Sooo, I really want to organize my space on this computer. I'm actually running out of space. I'm thinking of burning everything onto DVD or CD and storing it. Too many pictures & projects. I really need my own computer. I want my MACBOOK PRO! LOL. Well, one day.

Also been thinking about tons of projects I want to do...besides one of them organzing my computer space. I want to make a journal for my pregnancy, a journal for my 2nd baby and FINISH Ethan's first year. Hehehe. 3 years later.

Ok. It's 9:13am, maybe I should lie down and watch some t.v. to help me fall asleep before Ethan wakes up. Get an hour or two of sleep. =)


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