Monday, January 11, 2010

A New Year: 2010 - Resolutions

Wow. I can't believe its a new year AND a new decade! 2010.

I never really thought about my new year's resolution for this year... I guess because I never really do them. But this year, I think i'm going to stick to it!

Sooo....My 2010 Resolutions are:

{1} Give more effort into seeing and spending more time with my family & friends - I work too much!

{2} Enjoy this pregnancy & document it each month - I regret not doing it with Ethan's pregnancy

{3} Travel somewhere HOT - and not just driving down south to Minneapolis during the summer

{4}Finish projects that i've started a while ago - i.e. my December Daily 2009

{5} Eat healthier

{6} Be more POSITIVE on my outlook on people & things going on around me

{7} Spend less on frivolous things or "wants" & save more money

{8} Pay off more of my debt when I have extra income - I guess this goes with #7

{9} Take a photo a day - PROJECT 365 - and stick to it!!

{10} Enjoy everyday life

{11} Find out what i'm having as soon as I can - boy or girl!

I think that's it for now. I guess I can always add to it later on! I'm going to work on a new layout for this blog. Christmas is OVER.


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