Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Just got home so I haven't started Day 2 yet. I will complete it later and make the post afterwards.

First snowfall in December in Winnipeg that is sticking and staying on the ground. I'm quite happy that it's December and it's still quite warm (for Winnipeg). Very happy! It's currently -6C and light flurries. Uh, awesome! This time last year I was bundled up in a very thick down coat, long underwear (hahaha) and mitts, scarf and toque. Hehehe. Just that i'm re-learning (among every other Winnipegger) to drive SLOWLY on the slick roads.

Anyway, i'm heading out for a prayer funeral service at 7pm for that patient I had talked about recently. She passed away last week. I'm quite sad and affected by it. Going to go "celebrate" her life with her families, friends and other nurses who cared for her.


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