Tuesday, December 22, 2009

FINALLY! December Daily Day 15-20!!!

OMG, been so long since I posted my pages. The days are going by so quickly and Christmas is fast approaching. I haven't been feeling so well (stomach flu) these past few days so no energy to do any updating or catching up on my DDs. Here they are!
{Day 20}
A quiet day spent at home. Tommy had fixed up Ethan's room so we can start teaching Ethan to sleep in his room. He opened up a Christmas present from his "mama" (grandma)...a Thomas comforter.

{Day 19}

We went to our best friends' home for supper. Ethan was super excited to see Liam and play with his Thomas train set.

{Day 18}
Today I went to the doctor's office. =) After that, spent the day at home then some midnight shopping at the mall and Old Navy with my sister, her boyfriend and Ethan.

{Day 17}
Had to go into work to a 2 hour meeting. Gave my little presents to the other CRNs and my manager. I also gave a cute little frog with a crown to my good friend, Natasha. Natasha and I went for dinner and shopping afterwards.
{Day 16}
Today was an interesting day. It was late dad's would be 50th birthday. Just wrote a little something for him. I found a picture of us 4 sledding back in the day so I had to include it in this album. I also found out something on my own...the little journal card tucked in the larger journal card represents that. Then I took a picture chilling on the floor with his Thomas blanket & Mommy bunny bear.
{Day 15}
Looked at many different places for a winter coat for Ethan and finally found this adorable gray one from gap. It's pretty warm. Unfortunately, I still haven't found snow pants.
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I will continue this later... got to do some chores!!

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