Monday, December 7, 2009

Day Two & Three

It's been such a busy past week that I never got the chance to complete these pages till now.
Day four, five, six & seven still to come!
Day 2: I just took a photo of a tree in my mom's backyard in the evening. There were light flurries which cannot been seen in the photo. December 2nd I went to a "healing" party funeral service for a young patient of mine and it made me think of what's important in life especially during the holidays.

{Back of Day 2}

This is me (standing my favorite boots at the moment) looking at (1) how i'm not knee deep in snow & (2) fresh snowfall and i'm the first to make an imprint! I love the look of fresh, untouched snow.

Day 3:

{Front of Day 3}

I caught Ethan sitting by the christmas tree reading his newly aquired book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas". What a funny kid...thinks he knows what he is reading. =) {Back of Day 3}
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Oh! In other news...I woke up this morning, and first thing I did was log onto Ali Edward's blog . And guess what!? I WON a giveaway!! That's crazy! I NEVER win anything! How cool is that! Soooo giddy today. hehehehe.

That's it for now!! Day four to seven to come later this evening... Time to do some housework! =S


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