Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day Four to Eight!

I finally caught up last night with my December Daily pages.

{Day 4}

I had multiple photos I wanted to place for this day. I usually make little square pictures, but since it was a pocket, I just printed off 3.75X5" pictures and glued them back to back. I added a piece of ribbon on top so it can be pulled out of the pocket.
This is the back page of the pocket...just added a group shot.
{Day 5}

Tommy went out shopping and bought a Keurig coffeemaker! Totally awesome! Makes a cup of flavored coffee or tea in under a minute. I joked that this was my early christmas present and he said "yes". We weren't going to exchange gifts, but oh well, this is mine!

{Day 6}

We spent all of Sunday shopping for the kids' of our friends. Spent our time between Wal-Mart & ToysRUs. This is not even all the gifts. We still need to grab gifts for the 2 newborns & 2 older kids. Honestly, only 3 or 4 years ago, we were only buying presents for 1 baby. Now all of our friends have gotten married and have children. Including us. =) But it makes christmas much more fun!

{Day 7}

Quiet day spent at home. On this picture, I documented what Ethan was liking and disliking, the things he knew to do or say. One day I hope he looks back at this and is happy I did this for him.

I had to add an extra page. We went out to the shopping mall and Tommy had promised Ethan that if he was a good boy he can have candy. We ended up buying some candy canes. When we got home Ethan put the candy canes up on the tree.

{Day 8}

Finally took Santa photos today. Last year we waite an HOUR to take pictures and another 15 minutes to get them! This year I decided to go during the week, early in the day, so that no line ups. Plus, it's earlier in December. We got in and out quickly. Ethan didn't cry either. So happy! He just talked about "Thomas" and "Sodor" to Santa. But he talks so fast that I don't think Santa understood him. LOL.

This is another pocket page I made. I made a little "bookmark" to insert into the page.

That's it for now! Hopefully I keep up for the next week...i'm back to work for seven evening shifts in a row so it'll be hard to keep up!


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