Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yuck...i'm sick again.

It all started with a head cold earlier in the week. By Friday night my throat was scratchy and sore. And by the end of the night shift on Saturday morning, I could no longer speak louder or yell. Hahaha. Giving report to the next charge nurse was not so fun. So, I spent my whole Saturday in bed or on the couch...NOT talking at all. To make it worst, I was trying to "yell" at Ethan for chucking his toys when he was mad at me and trying to climb into the dishwasher... well...he just IMITATED me!! hahahaha. I was yelling in a very soft and raspy voice and he was talking in a growl-y raspy voice. Hahaha. So of course, I didn't teach him any lesson. More like laughed at him.

Today, I have a little more energy, but i'm still going to take it easy since I still feel lightheaded vertical, and work on my Christmas album, a few christmas presents and Christmas cards. =) I'm just doing fun stuff today. RELAXING to the mind stuff. The 2 baskets full of laundry can wait.


P.S. My gorgeous black/red/white/silver Christmas tree is up!!! <3 I'll post a picture next time.

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