Saturday, November 14, 2009


I can't sleep (as usual) and spending too much time on Facebook playing on, yes, FarmVille. LOL. Started playing it because co-workers were playing and talking about it...and now i'm hooked on it too. hehehe.

Anyway, we had another interesting evening this Friday the 13th (well, a few hours ago). Argh. Just don't know what to do...can't go into details, but ugh. Also, since yesterday, a very special patient of ours for the last 4 years (at least) is now not doing so well. Eversince I found out she's on the palliative unit, it's been difficult for all of us who knows her to deal with. Not that there's favoritism...just that you get to know someone over the years and they become like family. This is the second time that we've gotten to know and take care of someone and it's hitting me hard a little too much. Sitting here, makes me sad and wonder why God sometimes take those so young. I saw her twice yesterday; she was just admitted and I just waved and smiled at her and she smiled her beautiful smile back. I wish I could have hugged her. Before I went home last night, she was not looking so great. And today is no better either (as i've heard). So young, so beautiful (inside & out) and now we're praying hard and she's always in my thoughts and prayers...her and her family. I cried when I got into my truck. I just hugged my Ethan because I couldn't imagine ever losing him. Sometimes Life is just not fair. Makes me re-think my life and how precious it is. How we shouldn't take any minute for granted as it could be our last.

Savor each moment.

After losing my dad (twice) it made me realize never forget to say I LOVE YOU to those people around you. NEVER forget how you act affects those around you. NEVER go to bed angry at someone. TRY to always think POSITIVELY. I miss my dad so much and not a day goes by that I don't think of him and my heart aches. I seriously feel like i've lost a part of my heart when he left this earth almost 3 years ago. It'll be his death anniversary on November 26th.

When I went up to see this special person yesterday, I hadn't really stepped a foot or see a patient up their since my dad passed away there. It really hurts to walk up there for me. Brings back memories...always.

My thoughts and prayers goes out to you special person. You are loved on 6E Medicine. <3


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