Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's Autumn

I just love the colours of autumn/fall. I went out yesterday to Michael's and picked up a beautiful autumn wreath (ON SALE!) AND silk flowers for my table (I still had my spring/summer arrangement up).
I've been feeling really happy and content. I really don't know why. I still have my problems (i.e. debt to pay, no money, etc) but I still feel content. Maybe because I feel like my family life is great, i'm not rushing to do things for people (the wedding craziness is OVER) and i'm trying to enjoy my time at home and work.

{Ethan was a ring bearer & I was a bridesmaid}

{The wedding program/dinner menu, table numbers I created}
{Wishes for people to give for the newlyweds - fun & easy to make}
{The table seating arrangement - Mau & I are really proud of this!}
{Best friends - Dabs, Mau & Jen}
We had a great Thanksgiving a couple weekends ago. Tommy cooked BOTH turkeys (one for the family dinner & the other for friends) and had our very first thanksgiving family gathering at our home.
The move for my ward is complete...we are now 6E Medicine. Absolutely beautiful & a great boost for morale. Partied with some of my 6E nurses last week which was GREAT! Nurses Gone Wild #3 was a success. LOL. {Our new ward - 6E Medicine}

{Brittany & I pretending to work hard - having fun}
{ The 6E CRNS - on commodes...LOL}

{Time to party with the crazy nurses!!}
I spent the WHOLE day just doing things at home cleaning & folding laundry. I spent my evening reading my new book, The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, for a couple hours, few more hours just being CREATIVE. I finished placing all the wedding photos in an album, started Ethan's Halloween Album and started working on my 2010 Calendars for friends/co-workers. Really, this was a very therapeutic day. I just feel rested.

That's an update for now!