Monday, September 28, 2009

Wedding Craziness

Oh my! This past weekend (Friday & Saturday) has been a busy rollercoaster. Karen & Jon's wedding was Saturday and it was crazy fun. Friday evening, the whole entourage got together to put on the seat covers & tie bows. LOL. That was a task. Most couldn't tie to bows. I think I did pretty well. Hehehe. The girls went upstairs to the suite and had a shot of Alize and open our little candles gifts from Karen. What a sweetheart!

I was up the next morning (more like 4 hours later) to get ready and help the MOH aka my sister get dressed and check up on last minute details before the ceremony. I have to say, I had to hold back the tears because it just felt so wonderful seeing my little "sister" (no blood relation) get married. I've known her since she was baby. And now she's married to a great man who loves her dearly.

The reception was a crazy party!!!! My uncle aka Karen's dad was hilarious! That's where she gets her crazy & fun attitude from. And almost all the "tropa kids" were there celebrating. It was just great. There was just too many memories to remember. Oh, and everything we made the past few weeks turned out beautifully. <3 Tee hee.

One wedding down. One more to go this coming Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

I know! weddings are crazy! I was the maid of honour in a wedding this summer, and I was tierd before it started:) can't imagen how the brid felt, and she wore higher heals too;)
The wedding looks beautiful though:)