Friday, September 4, 2009

Summer is here?! In September?!

Yes, summer has arrived in Winnipeg...first week of September. *SHOCKING*
It's been HOT (i.e. in the mid to high 20s) and HUMID! AND SUNNY! AND NO CLOUDS IN SIGHT! Whoa! LOL!
Unfortunately, this long Labour Day weekend, i'll be spending it at work...working my evening shift! Ahhh...not really looking forward to it. However, the next 4 weeks will be HECTIC and crazy! For one, I have TWO stagettes lined up on the 12th AND a surprise wedding shower. Secondly, I have 2 weddings I have to help decorate and prepare things for their days (the 26th and Oct 3rd). PLUS i'm an MC & wedding co-ordinator for wedding #1 and a bridesmaid/secondary sponsor in wedding #2 (along with my Ethan who is a ring bearer). Thirdly, I have all these meetings/committee work I have to complete ASAP for this month for work. And fourth, my whole unit/ward is moving to our new & beautiful new unit October 7th and I have to help organize and pack things up. I'm freaking out! I feel stressed. I supposedly have vacation time at the end of September/beginning of October, but those days are reserved for the weddings. Errrr....I just hope this month ends quickly. Hehehe.

Anyway, the past weekend, Ethan, Tommy and I went to Fun Mountain with friends. Can you believe it, it was MY FIRST TIME there...and Ethan's as well. Hehehe. I had so much fun! Ethan did too (when I didn't submerge him in the water) ...oops! Here are some fun pictures from that day! =)
{I thought this was an awesome shot of I took of Tommy & Ethan getting dunked with water}

{Ethan & Liam with their mommies - their first time at Fun Mountain}

{LOVE THIS SHOT: Ethan walking up the path to the waterslides...but it looks like a lonely road}

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