Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My mom & my best friends

Ahhh...last day before I go back to work for 7 in a row. Booo. Well, I spent the early afternoon with my mom and Ethan. We picked up my sis from work and looked around LA Collections to see her gorgeous dress for Karen's wedding. Afterwards, my mom, Ethan and I went to the Forks Market to have some Fergie's Fish & Chips which were YUMMY! We walked around for a bit, took my mom and Ethan up to the tower. They were both pretty nervous up there so we took some quick photos then went across to the Johnston Terminal and looked around the little shops. Spent a lot of time in the Kite & Kaboodle shop on the 2nd floor because Ethan was having a TON of fun playing with the Thomas & Friends train set. Had to buy him his little "Whiff" train to add to his collection and get him out of the store. hahaha.
Ethan was pretty much passed out by the time we both got home. But, I was glad my dearest best friend, Maureen, called me up and Dabs, Mau & I went met up for some Umi Sushi and some Tim's coffee. It's been a long time coming. We haven't seen each other since Mau's wedding social back in June. Oops. We're all so's the crappy nurses' schedule. hahaha. We all got to vent about our jobs, lives, men. Hahaha. Now we have to make sure we plan a day out every few weeks. Not months. But, I love them both! They're always there to talk to and we always pick up where we left off. =)

All in all, it was a great day.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

First weekend of August...and it's August Long Weekend (in Canada)!

Ahhh...can't believe it's already August! Our summer is ending so soon! This long weekend was a quick one. But, it was nice to be off. Started off the Friday by working a double shift (into Saturday night). Saturday, Ethan and I spent the day just around the house, waiting for Tommy to get off work. We went for Dairy Queen ice cream blizzards and Janice bought us some sushi from Sushi Train. Then we all just kinda hung out outside our front yard. My mom and sister came by and brought Ethan a little matching Diego backpack and lunch kit! Hehehe. After that Tommy, Ethan and I headed out to check out Dave's new condo.

Sunday, Sheena & Co. went to The Bay and Home Outfitters. End of that. Hahahaha....there's more but i'm keeping it hush hush at the moment. Grabbed some NY Fries at the mall and then headed over to Dabbie & Quang's place to eat some Bun Xeo (some Vietnamese omelette-like food). Topped off the evening by having apple pie with ice cream. Mmmm. All the kids played together. Some cute memories was Liam (15mths) having his arm around Felicity (9 y.o) and watching her play with the iPhone; Ethan (2.5 y.o.) and Maliayah (18mths) playing together with the blocks and Ethan actually sharing his Thomas trains with her. But afterwards, Maliayah would wrap her arms around Ethan and Ethan would shove her away...she was trying to get him to play with her. hahaha. Too cute!

Today (well, Monday), I spent the whole day cleaning my house. Washed my floors, did laundry, vacuumed, etc. Mom & Sheena came by for a visit and drop me off some food. And Karen came by to finalize her wedding invitations so I can start making them!! =) Sheena, Karen, Ethan and I went to Mercato's Gelato for some...well, gelati!! Mmmmmmmmmmm. Ethan was looking forward to eating "ice cream" but got distracted by the water fountain and throwing pennies into it. Hahaha.

All in all, it was a pretty fun weekend! =)