Thursday, July 9, 2009

Numbers day...what was I doing at the moment!

On 7/8/9 at 10:11:12secs in the morning....I had just gotten up and was dragged & told by Ethan to "WAKE UP MOMMY!" to sit in the living room and watch TV. At that moment in time I was sitting on the couch with Ethan (Ethan drinking a juice box) and Tommy walks in through the front door after having played some golf earlier in the morning.

At 12:34:56secs on 7/8/9 I was sitting in front of the computer and mindlessly checking my e-mail & Facebook, getting ready to go to my mom's.

At 4:56 on 7/8/9 in the afternoon....I was just walking down the hallways at work on my way to the nurses' desk.

At 10:11:12secs on 7/8/9 in the evening....I was getting report from one of the nurses at work.

Unfortunately, I don't really have a picture/snapshot of the moments...just the memories. I had to write it down before I forget forever.

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