Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy birthday to ME!!

Ahhh is my 28th birthday! I guess in honour of this day, I should do a "28" Fun Facts about this moment of time.

1. I LOVE the color "coral" at this moment.
2. I'm loving my short haircut and plan on keeping it this short for a while.
3. "Day 'N Nite -Crooker's remix" is a fave song right now.
4. I want to get the Canon SD780IS....and might buy it for myself today!
5. I LOVE my Blackberry Bold. Pinning is fun!
6. It always rains on my birthday.
7. I've moved up in my nursing career and now i'm a clinical resource nurse aka charge nurse.
8. I'm going to try hot yoga...sometime next week! hehehe.
9. I still got ID'd at a 7-11 store yesterday because the lady didn't believe I was 28 when I was buying a lotto ticket! Hahaha.
10. My nails are painted Opi's "Brrr it's coal in here" aka a dark charcoal color =)
11. I really need to thin out my clothes (4 underbed bins, 2 closets full, and a 5 chest drawer full)
12. I love Costa Blanca & Aritzia clothing
13. I'm 126 lbs at this moment. And i'm still trying to lose weight...hence the hot yoga.
14. This is the first year where I feel like lying about my age. It's just too close to 30.
15. I feel "content" right now.
16. I'm still driving my 2003 Honda Accord Coupe V6 and LOVE IT! I'm not trading it in for a minivan yet.
17. I'm going to be an MC for my friend's wedding in 2 weeks.
18. It's been 10 years since I graduated high school. Class of 1999!
19. I LOVE the color gray/charcoal right now.
20. I just had a great bowl of vietnamese spicy red soup (can't remember the exact name) from Nhu Quynh's restaurant.
21. I'm craving a large double double coffee from Tim Horton's.
22. My favourite tea is Chai tea.
23. I'd like to buy a new Coach purse...but probably won't.
24. I LOVE my baby boy, Ethan...who is almost 2 1/2 years old. =(
25. Phalaenopsis orchids are my favourite...along with roses.
26. I'd like to learn how to sew so I can make my own throw pillows & curtains.
27. I'd like to be a more positive person.
28. I'm still with the same guy I meet 10 years ago...and love him to death. =)

That's it for now! I'm going to get ready for my dinner tonight at Kenko Niwa with great friends!

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