Monday, May 4, 2009

Just some pictures from the weekend...

Wow, I went out to meet up with some co-workers (who were lucky enough not to be working) at this club called, Whiskey Dix, right after work (a long evening shift). Never been there in my life (or since it opened up with that name) and I felt a little out of place, especially going to the club BY MYSELF and waiting in line BY MYSELF! Anyway, it was 1am, i'm standing in the VIP line ready to use my nursing license to get in when one of the bouncer's look in the crowd and see this short, filipino girl, called "Jen". Me, quite shocked and ready to turn around to go home walks up bravely and he gets me in!!! Well, I walk into the club and these girls are screaming "JEN! JEN! IT'S JEN!" and I see my dear, sweet girls waving and laughing at me. Apparently, they paid this bouncer $20 bucks just so I can get in. After spending 10 minutes convincing this guy that there's this girl "Jen" (there's a ton of "jen" outside) who's filipino and short and "she won't take up much space" finally went out to get me. Isn't that ever so sweet?!? I love my 5B girls!!!

We work in such a stressful environment, it's so much fun to party and let loose! <3

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