Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009...a New Year of Possibilities


Wow, I haven't been blogged in forever. I been so busy working over the holidays and going to our family gatherings that I haven't updated this. Well...it's a new year and i'm ready for it.
I've almost completed my 2008 December Daily. Today is the day that i'll finish it. I'm also planning on doing the 365 Project...i'm quite excited to do it. I feel it can be a simple and interesting project as long as I keep up with it...that will have to be a 2009 Resolution.
Speaking of resolutions, last evening I was sitting on my couch I started writing up a list of things I want to do, complete, create for 2009. I'm actually going to type up my little list and carry it around with me all year. Once i've completed a goal then i'll just cross it off. And we'll see if i've actually accomplished it by the end of the year. I just feel like 2009 is a fresh start and I want to make it a great year. That's why i've also chosen my 2009 Little Word to be


I want to stay positive, be positive so that is my main focus and it will help me forget all the negativity around me. I want to be a happy and positive person so people around me will feel that and not my negativity (which I tend to get at times) =). I mean, I work with a couple of girls who are always so happy and no matter how busy or difficult the day is they still are smiling and not letting the events of the day or people who are so unpleasant affect them. I want to be like that. Just happy and positive.
I'll post my list later on when i'm done. Anyway, here's a few photos over the holidays to put me a good mood.

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