Tuesday, December 22, 2009

FINALLY! December Daily Day 15-20!!!

OMG, been so long since I posted my pages. The days are going by so quickly and Christmas is fast approaching. I haven't been feeling so well (stomach flu) these past few days so no energy to do any updating or catching up on my DDs. Here they are!
{Day 20}
A quiet day spent at home. Tommy had fixed up Ethan's room so we can start teaching Ethan to sleep in his room. He opened up a Christmas present from his "mama" (grandma)...a Thomas comforter.

{Day 19}

We went to our best friends' home for supper. Ethan was super excited to see Liam and play with his Thomas train set.

{Day 18}
Today I went to the doctor's office. =) After that, spent the day at home then some midnight shopping at the mall and Old Navy with my sister, her boyfriend and Ethan.

{Day 17}
Had to go into work to a 2 hour meeting. Gave my little presents to the other CRNs and my manager. I also gave a cute little frog with a crown to my good friend, Natasha. Natasha and I went for dinner and shopping afterwards.
{Day 16}
Today was an interesting day. It was late dad's would be 50th birthday. Just wrote a little something for him. I found a picture of us 4 sledding back in the day so I had to include it in this album. I also found out something on my own...the little journal card tucked in the larger journal card represents that. Then I took a picture chilling on the floor with his Thomas blanket & Mommy bunny bear.
{Day 15}
Looked at many different places for a winter coat for Ethan and finally found this adorable gray one from gap. It's pretty warm. Unfortunately, I still haven't found snow pants.
- - - - - - - - -
I will continue this later... got to do some chores!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

I sit here and wait....

we'll know for sure in an hour.

- - - - - - -

Alot is going on through my mind right now. I'm going to catch up on my DD pages right now.



Sunday, December 13, 2009

Busy busy busy!

Sooo very busy with work. It's that time of season where there's just a lot of sick people coming into hospital. =( I will post the late DD pages soon!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day Four to Eight!

I finally caught up last night with my December Daily pages.

{Day 4}

I had multiple photos I wanted to place for this day. I usually make little square pictures, but since it was a pocket, I just printed off 3.75X5" pictures and glued them back to back. I added a piece of ribbon on top so it can be pulled out of the pocket.
This is the back page of the pocket...just added a group shot.
{Day 5}

Tommy went out shopping and bought a Keurig coffeemaker! Totally awesome! Makes a cup of flavored coffee or tea in under a minute. I joked that this was my early christmas present and he said "yes". We weren't going to exchange gifts, but oh well, this is mine!

{Day 6}

We spent all of Sunday shopping for the kids' of our friends. Spent our time between Wal-Mart & ToysRUs. This is not even all the gifts. We still need to grab gifts for the 2 newborns & 2 older kids. Honestly, only 3 or 4 years ago, we were only buying presents for 1 baby. Now all of our friends have gotten married and have children. Including us. =) But it makes christmas much more fun!

{Day 7}

Quiet day spent at home. On this picture, I documented what Ethan was liking and disliking, the things he knew to do or say. One day I hope he looks back at this and is happy I did this for him.

I had to add an extra page. We went out to the shopping mall and Tommy had promised Ethan that if he was a good boy he can have candy. We ended up buying some candy canes. When we got home Ethan put the candy canes up on the tree.

{Day 8}

Finally took Santa photos today. Last year we waite an HOUR to take pictures and another 15 minutes to get them! This year I decided to go during the week, early in the day, so that no line ups. Plus, it's earlier in December. We got in and out quickly. Ethan didn't cry either. So happy! He just talked about "Thomas" and "Sodor" to Santa. But he talks so fast that I don't think Santa understood him. LOL.

This is another pocket page I made. I made a little "bookmark" to insert into the page.

That's it for now! Hopefully I keep up for the next week...i'm back to work for seven evening shifts in a row so it'll be hard to keep up!


Monday, December 7, 2009

Day Two & Three

It's been such a busy past week that I never got the chance to complete these pages till now.
Day four, five, six & seven still to come!
Day 2: I just took a photo of a tree in my mom's backyard in the evening. There were light flurries which cannot been seen in the photo. December 2nd I went to a "healing" party funeral service for a young patient of mine and it made me think of what's important in life especially during the holidays.

{Back of Day 2}

This is me (standing my favorite boots at the moment) looking at (1) how i'm not knee deep in snow & (2) fresh snowfall and i'm the first to make an imprint! I love the look of fresh, untouched snow.

Day 3:

{Front of Day 3}

I caught Ethan sitting by the christmas tree reading his newly aquired book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas". What a funny kid...thinks he knows what he is reading. =) {Back of Day 3}
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Oh! In other news...I woke up this morning, and first thing I did was log onto Ali Edward's blog . And guess what!? I WON a giveaway!! That's crazy! I NEVER win anything! How cool is that! Soooo giddy today. hehehehe.

That's it for now!! Day four to seven to come later this evening... Time to do some housework! =S


Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Just got home so I haven't started Day 2 yet. I will complete it later and make the post afterwards.

First snowfall in December in Winnipeg that is sticking and staying on the ground. I'm quite happy that it's December and it's still quite warm (for Winnipeg). Very happy! It's currently -6C and light flurries. Uh, awesome! This time last year I was bundled up in a very thick down coat, long underwear (hahaha) and mitts, scarf and toque. Hehehe. Just that i'm re-learning (among every other Winnipegger) to drive SLOWLY on the slick roads.

Anyway, i'm heading out for a prayer funeral service at 7pm for that patient I had talked about recently. She passed away last week. I'm quite sad and affected by it. Going to go "celebrate" her life with her families, friends and other nurses who cared for her.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Daily: December 1

First page in my December Album. Simple and cute. I created a Christmas ornament (my plan for each year) for Ethan. I saw the tutorial on Elle's Studio blog yesterday so I went to Michael's last night and grabbed my supplies. Not bad for my first attempt. I'm thinking of creating an ornament for a few of the kids for friends. I also used a Mickey Mouse sticker since Ethan LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse right now.

At this moment, Ethan is lying on the floor watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on PVR. LOL.
That's it for now.

Our Christmas Card 2009

It's past 3am and i'm still up printing up our Christmas cards for this year. I finally finished it. I swear, creativity flows late at night...for me anyway.

All done in Photoshop. Swirls/flourish brushes from House of 3. I'm adding either a deep red or green or maybe even gray cardstock to make it sturdy and it'll have a border. I even photoshopped Tommy's eyes. In the original photo, he is looking away. =)

One project down. Just need to get my addresses and send them out! But, that'll be for tomorrow. Or the weekend. Time to head to bed! Good night!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

December Daily 2009

Yay! I finally completed my Ali Edwards' December Daily 2009 album. I started it back in the beginning of October but life took over so I couldn't complete it. Soooo excited to start working on it. Very soon...next week! =)

Here's my December Daily album on Flicker.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I love the holidays

I just love decorating and preparing for the holidays. I just love the scents they have in the stores, all the inspiration and ideas I get on how the stores are decorated or what I see in magazines. Makes me want to do and create things! <3>

My awesome Christmas tree!
LOVE LOVE LOVE - those phalaenopsis orchids! It's such a rich red. And the butterflies are such a different addition to a traditional tree.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yuck...i'm sick again.

It all started with a head cold earlier in the week. By Friday night my throat was scratchy and sore. And by the end of the night shift on Saturday morning, I could no longer speak louder or yell. Hahaha. Giving report to the next charge nurse was not so fun. So, I spent my whole Saturday in bed or on the couch...NOT talking at all. To make it worst, I was trying to "yell" at Ethan for chucking his toys when he was mad at me and trying to climb into the dishwasher... well...he just IMITATED me!! hahahaha. I was yelling in a very soft and raspy voice and he was talking in a growl-y raspy voice. Hahaha. So of course, I didn't teach him any lesson. More like laughed at him.

Today, I have a little more energy, but i'm still going to take it easy since I still feel lightheaded vertical, and work on my Christmas album, a few christmas presents and Christmas cards. =) I'm just doing fun stuff today. RELAXING to the mind stuff. The 2 baskets full of laundry can wait.


P.S. My gorgeous black/red/white/silver Christmas tree is up!!! <3 I'll post a picture next time.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I can't sleep (as usual) and spending too much time on Facebook playing on, yes, FarmVille. LOL. Started playing it because co-workers were playing and talking about it...and now i'm hooked on it too. hehehe.

Anyway, we had another interesting evening this Friday the 13th (well, a few hours ago). Argh. Just don't know what to do...can't go into details, but ugh. Also, since yesterday, a very special patient of ours for the last 4 years (at least) is now not doing so well. Eversince I found out she's on the palliative unit, it's been difficult for all of us who knows her to deal with. Not that there's favoritism...just that you get to know someone over the years and they become like family. This is the second time that we've gotten to know and take care of someone and it's hitting me hard a little too much. Sitting here, makes me sad and wonder why God sometimes take those so young. I saw her twice yesterday; she was just admitted and I just waved and smiled at her and she smiled her beautiful smile back. I wish I could have hugged her. Before I went home last night, she was not looking so great. And today is no better either (as i've heard). So young, so beautiful (inside & out) and now we're praying hard and she's always in my thoughts and prayers...her and her family. I cried when I got into my truck. I just hugged my Ethan because I couldn't imagine ever losing him. Sometimes Life is just not fair. Makes me re-think my life and how precious it is. How we shouldn't take any minute for granted as it could be our last.

Savor each moment.

After losing my dad (twice) it made me realize never forget to say I LOVE YOU to those people around you. NEVER forget how you act affects those around you. NEVER go to bed angry at someone. TRY to always think POSITIVELY. I miss my dad so much and not a day goes by that I don't think of him and my heart aches. I seriously feel like i've lost a part of my heart when he left this earth almost 3 years ago. It'll be his death anniversary on November 26th.

When I went up to see this special person yesterday, I hadn't really stepped a foot or see a patient up their since my dad passed away there. It really hurts to walk up there for me. Brings back memories...always.

My thoughts and prayers goes out to you special person. You are loved on 6E Medicine. <3


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's November....

Halloween was a fun day for Ethan. First time he went "trick or treating". It was a bit chilly but otherwise a perfectly clear night with a full moon. We had to get him a Handy Manny toy set so we could get him to wear his Superman costume. LOL. Now i'll have to add this year's Halloween to his Halloween album.

I'm kind of glad Halloween is over and now I can start Christmas decorating and shopping! My goal is to get presents for family and friends by end of November. So December can be focused more on last minute things, working hardcore at the hospital and mailing out Christmas cards. =) I think i'm going to decorate our tree in a black and red theme this year. For the past 2 years it has been blue and silver. Need a change this Christmas. I'm also halfway through my December Daily album! Yay. I'm determined to complete it this year. LOL.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's Autumn

I just love the colours of autumn/fall. I went out yesterday to Michael's and picked up a beautiful autumn wreath (ON SALE!) AND silk flowers for my table (I still had my spring/summer arrangement up).
I've been feeling really happy and content. I really don't know why. I still have my problems (i.e. debt to pay, no money, etc) but I still feel content. Maybe because I feel like my family life is great, i'm not rushing to do things for people (the wedding craziness is OVER) and i'm trying to enjoy my time at home and work.

{Ethan was a ring bearer & I was a bridesmaid}

{The wedding program/dinner menu, table numbers I created}
{Wishes for people to give for the newlyweds - fun & easy to make}
{The table seating arrangement - Mau & I are really proud of this!}
{Best friends - Dabs, Mau & Jen}
We had a great Thanksgiving a couple weekends ago. Tommy cooked BOTH turkeys (one for the family dinner & the other for friends) and had our very first thanksgiving family gathering at our home.
The move for my ward is complete...we are now 6E Medicine. Absolutely beautiful & a great boost for morale. Partied with some of my 6E nurses last week which was GREAT! Nurses Gone Wild #3 was a success. LOL. {Our new ward - 6E Medicine}

{Brittany & I pretending to work hard - having fun}
{ The 6E CRNS - on commodes...LOL}

{Time to party with the crazy nurses!!}
I spent the WHOLE day just doing things at home cleaning & folding laundry. I spent my evening reading my new book, The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, for a couple hours, few more hours just being CREATIVE. I finished placing all the wedding photos in an album, started Ethan's Halloween Album and started working on my 2010 Calendars for friends/co-workers. Really, this was a very therapeutic day. I just feel rested.

That's an update for now!