Monday, December 8, 2008

December Daily 2008...Twilight Saga...

It's been awhile since i've blogged. So busy working and just reading!

First off, I completed the Twilight Saga, a four book series at least 500 pages each, in only five days! Yes, I am a bookworm. =) I actually only heard about the books and the movie 2 weeks ago. A few of my co-workers were raving how great the books were and how there was a movie based on the first one. So I decided to run to Chapters and pick up the first one. Let me tell, I got into the storyline so fast and the next day (half DONE the first book) I ran out and bought the rest of them. Hahaha. I know it`s a young adult series, but it just makes me feel like i`m seventeen again. LOL. Now that i`ve completed them i`m just waiting on a co-worker to finish the first book and we`re going to hit the theatres and watch the
Twilight. Sooo excited. Because I finished the Breaking Dawn so fast, i`m actually going to go back and re-read the last few chapters.

Anyway, enough of Twilight. So, i`ve started my December Daily 2008 album and have kept up with it. Hopefully I can till the 31st. Herè is the link to the Flickr group December Daily 2008. Here are a few pages i`ve completed.

I`ll continue to update and post new pages as time permits! I will be working through Christmas so i`m crossing my fingers i`ll continue to update. =)

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