Monday, October 27, 2008

Moving past Halloween & onto Christmas!

It's been awhile since i've blogged. So busy working and helping out with my little sister/cousin's wedding social. It was a Halloween themed social and people dressed up in great costumes. I'll have to posts some pictures in the next day or two. I can't believe it, but I actually dressed up as well. I'm not one to dress up in a costume usually, but I was a "dragon geisha". LOL. And Ethan came as a cowboy!! Super adorable. Anyway, the social was a success on Saturday and the following day my mom had a retirement party at her home and that was another busy day.

So I haven't completed my Week in the Life album as of yet. I'm going to try to complete it tonight/this week, but i'll be busy working a full 9-day stretch of night shifts and doing a double shift on Saturday. I actual almost missed my shift last night, thank God a co-worker called me and I didn't get there till past midnight...oops. But my goal is to finish the album this week.

Anyway, as I was thinking Christmas is coming up, I remembered
Ali Edward's December Daily last year and how I had participated in it. I actually didn't complete the album last year. =( I got up to the 20s, but stopped after that. I'm a bit disappointed with it, so that's why i've already completed the basic album for 2008 last night (before I got called into work...hehehe). I'm happy that I actually completed it because with last year's album, I was still making the pages each day. Plus, I think i'm going to make my album a photo-a-day type of thing that each photo each day relates to Christmas...doesn't have to be related to me, but if I see something I like i'll take a picture of it. I think that was one of my struggles last year, I didn't know what to do each day since I wasn't preparing for or doing anything related to Christmas on a daily basis. So this year to make it easier for myself, i'll just do a Christmas-related-photo-a-day.

I'll be posting up pictures of the wedding social, my December Daily album of last year and this year in the next day or two. So watch out for it! =) Have a great evening.

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