Friday, October 3, 2008

Week in the Life Challenge

I've finished my "Week in the Life" challenge that Ali Edwards has started. What a fun project to do. I've taken TONS of pictures, written down my little notes/memories in my little black notebook and now comes the fun part of putting it all together. Looking forward to that on my days off. Just taking this time to decide and plan out how i'll bring the project together. I may do both digital and traditional scrapbooking. Probably a hybrid.

This is a photo collage of my week in my life. I'm thinking of maybe doing this every month...just a week each month to see what goes on, what's new, see the changes in our clothing (i.e. winter is coming!!!), etc. I think it would be neat. It'll be a challenge to keep up with it. Or maybe, i'll save it till January 2009 and try to do it all next year. Maybe that'll be my New Year's resolution. LOL. Time flies by so fast, especially with Ethan growing up so quickly. I'd like to have "snapshot" of my life each month. It'll be cool. =)

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