Monday, December 8, 2008

December Daily 2008...Twilight Saga...

It's been awhile since i've blogged. So busy working and just reading!

First off, I completed the Twilight Saga, a four book series at least 500 pages each, in only five days! Yes, I am a bookworm. =) I actually only heard about the books and the movie 2 weeks ago. A few of my co-workers were raving how great the books were and how there was a movie based on the first one. So I decided to run to Chapters and pick up the first one. Let me tell, I got into the storyline so fast and the next day (half DONE the first book) I ran out and bought the rest of them. Hahaha. I know it`s a young adult series, but it just makes me feel like i`m seventeen again. LOL. Now that i`ve completed them i`m just waiting on a co-worker to finish the first book and we`re going to hit the theatres and watch the
Twilight. Sooo excited. Because I finished the Breaking Dawn so fast, i`m actually going to go back and re-read the last few chapters.

Anyway, enough of Twilight. So, i`ve started my December Daily 2008 album and have kept up with it. Hopefully I can till the 31st. Herè is the link to the Flickr group December Daily 2008. Here are a few pages i`ve completed.

I`ll continue to update and post new pages as time permits! I will be working through Christmas so i`m crossing my fingers i`ll continue to update. =)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Update...Week in the Life album & such


I've completed my Week in the Life album. Finally. I completed yesterday and what a relief. Now I am finishing up my December Daily album. That's almost done as well. Just adding my numbers and making the pages more interesting.
I'm also working on my "Christmas cards" which are actually custom made little ornaments with a picture of Ethan on one side and a little note tucked inside. It can be hung on family/friend's Christmas tree or as decoration. I'm making these because I want to have a little keepsake of Ethan each Christmas...and so will our family and friends. Plus, I don't get to see some family/friends very often so this is a little gift to them from us.
I'll post pictures up of my completed Week in the Life album, December Daily and samples of my 2008 Christmas cards.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

2007 December Daily

Here's my 2007 December Daily. Unfortunately, I didn't get to finish it. Maybe one day I will.

Life sometimes mean to those who don't deserve it. I've been thinking about this young girl at work. I spent the night before at work with her and her mom for almost an hour. I know I should've been working, but I wanted to give my support to them and let A. know that we (our staff) is thinking and praying for her. God, it was breaking my heart to sit and hold her hand and watch her...I've never been this affected by a patient who is dying. I've seen so much death in my short nursing career, but this one really affected me. I couldn't hold back the tears and I sat there crying with her mom, just waiting. After sitting with her, A asked if I was going home, and I told her not yet but i'll make sure to say goodbye before I left. I had a feeling it would be my last time seeing her since I am not working today and I won't be back till tomorrow morning. And I went back, before I left for home, and held A's hand and said goodbye. It hurts because she's so young, only 18, and I can't imagine what her mom is feeling, watching her only child leave this life.
The last time I was so affected by a patient was this other young girl, same age as me. She died of breast cancer. I remember taking care of her, and talking about clothes and such and how she had just gotten married. I had just gotten married to Tommy as well. They were only married for a year before she died. I don't understand why the young ones always have to go. My dad was young as well, but not as young as these girls. I remember sitting and waiting and watching my dad breath, waiting for him to take his last breath. And when the time came, it was unbelieveably heartbreaking. I think this was why I was so affected by A. Just the waiting and wondering when will the time be. God bless her.
In happier news, Today is my 2nd year wedding anniversary. I can't believe it! We've been married this's been up and down, alot of downs, but we've made it. I never realized how much work it is. But i'm staying positive. We've been together for almost 9 years on February 22nd and I know we can try to make it last 50 years.

I'll post pictures from my 2007 December Daily in a well as my 2008. Currently trying to finish my Week in the Life album.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Moving past Halloween & onto Christmas!

It's been awhile since i've blogged. So busy working and helping out with my little sister/cousin's wedding social. It was a Halloween themed social and people dressed up in great costumes. I'll have to posts some pictures in the next day or two. I can't believe it, but I actually dressed up as well. I'm not one to dress up in a costume usually, but I was a "dragon geisha". LOL. And Ethan came as a cowboy!! Super adorable. Anyway, the social was a success on Saturday and the following day my mom had a retirement party at her home and that was another busy day.

So I haven't completed my Week in the Life album as of yet. I'm going to try to complete it tonight/this week, but i'll be busy working a full 9-day stretch of night shifts and doing a double shift on Saturday. I actual almost missed my shift last night, thank God a co-worker called me and I didn't get there till past midnight...oops. But my goal is to finish the album this week.

Anyway, as I was thinking Christmas is coming up, I remembered
Ali Edward's December Daily last year and how I had participated in it. I actually didn't complete the album last year. =( I got up to the 20s, but stopped after that. I'm a bit disappointed with it, so that's why i've already completed the basic album for 2008 last night (before I got called into work...hehehe). I'm happy that I actually completed it because with last year's album, I was still making the pages each day. Plus, I think i'm going to make my album a photo-a-day type of thing that each photo each day relates to Christmas...doesn't have to be related to me, but if I see something I like i'll take a picture of it. I think that was one of my struggles last year, I didn't know what to do each day since I wasn't preparing for or doing anything related to Christmas on a daily basis. So this year to make it easier for myself, i'll just do a Christmas-related-photo-a-day.

I'll be posting up pictures of the wedding social, my December Daily album of last year and this year in the next day or two. So watch out for it! =) Have a great evening.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Week in the Life Challenge - Album

So, i've finally got a chance to work on my "Week in the Life" album. Here are some of the pages i've done so far...not quite complete, but it's getting there. Still need to add embellishments. =)

Will post the whole album when i'm done.


In other news, I can't believe we're getting our raises!!! Another 5% raise on top of our 5.2% increase (which I hope to see the difference on payday tomorrow). Manitoba nurses will be 4th in Canada. Yay! =) Because it's that time of year to pay our registration to the CRNM.

Here's the article:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Busy busy busy....

Busy today running around and finding the right color for invitations i'm making (due by the weekend). I went to Michael's today and wanted to buy soooo much things but I held myself back (with a struggle). I also visited a LSS Scrapbooking by Design and also struggled hard to very hard not to buy anything not necessary. I will be back for more someday very soon!

Working on these invitations i've run into a couple of setbacks. First, I had to buy new ink cartridges (DONE), and second, my printer is NOT printing my black text properly. It's faded and not printing normally. I don't know why since all my ink cartridges are new and refilled. Not sure what i'm going to do about this. Frustrated because I want to start working on it (and hopefully finish it tonight).

Meanwhile, i'm happy to say i've printed up my photos for my "Week in the Life" album. I've also gotten an album to use, this great looking Umbra album from Urban Barn. I can't wait to start it. I think i'll be using my Basic Grey Scarlett's Letter papers.

So time to get back and figure out this printer.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Week in the Life Challenge

I've finished my "Week in the Life" challenge that Ali Edwards has started. What a fun project to do. I've taken TONS of pictures, written down my little notes/memories in my little black notebook and now comes the fun part of putting it all together. Looking forward to that on my days off. Just taking this time to decide and plan out how i'll bring the project together. I may do both digital and traditional scrapbooking. Probably a hybrid.

This is a photo collage of my week in my life. I'm thinking of maybe doing this every month...just a week each month to see what goes on, what's new, see the changes in our clothing (i.e. winter is coming!!!), etc. I think it would be neat. It'll be a challenge to keep up with it. Or maybe, i'll save it till January 2009 and try to do it all next year. Maybe that'll be my New Year's resolution. LOL. Time flies by so fast, especially with Ethan growing up so quickly. I'd like to have "snapshot" of my life each month. It'll be cool. =)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jen's Lifeory

The Intro...What is Jen's Lifeory?

So, this is my first blog of my 2nd (or maybe 3rd) attempt at a blog/personal site. First one I made was about 10 years ago (yes, i've been online since '98) and it was called "azianluv_99" on geocities. That lasted a couple of years and was mostly for uploading photos.

So, what is Jen's Lifeory? Well, it's relating to or characterized by my life. I'm still not sure what i'll be adding onto this blog. Probably everyday life things. What's going on, interesting things i've noticed, done, seen, photographed, created, experienced. Life in general. That's the basis of this. So...first step is done. Now we'll see if I keep up with this. =)